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Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.
Oscar Wilde
He is one of my favourites, the best writer in my books.
I love reading books, no matter how crappy they are.

Same with movies, Ilayaraja and A R Rahman are my favorites in music.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Crushes, the Loves and the Soul-Mate

Little did I realize that all humans are not the same?

The fiery ages of boyhood, the damsels were part of differencing attraction,

One of them bore constant thoughts in the growing existence,

Her groovy eyes inside rimmed glasses, splashing hair and the dazzling lips,

Dreams were not the least of the expected, but life grew on these,

As days passed with admiration, was this is it?

Mortality brings you changes.

Little did I realize that all attractions are not the same?

The precarious ages of adolescence, the damsels turned into maidens,

The constant thoughts moved, but fondness grew,

Her pinky cheeks, moist fragrance and passionate dearness,

Dreams were still there, but visible company was the need of the hour,

As days passed with flirtatious talks, was this love?

Mortality brings you changes.

Little did I realize that all fondness is not the same?

The adolescence continues, the damsels were still maidens,

As fondness grew to a new one, love was in the air,

Her striking similarities, tender parlance and the pretty appearance,

Dreams turned into sands of time together with the one flame,

As days of yearning togetherness passed by, was this my soul mate?

Mortality brings you changes.

Little did I realize that all love is not the same?

The resolute age of adulthood, damsels and maidens spiraled to elegant girls,

Love is yet to blossom, the ones that would last a life,

Her! who is this her? What oneness did I seek from her?

Dreams are of the past and the future; the one should complete me,

The days are still yet to come, the search is so wonderful,

Mortality brings you changes.


Daniel Aloysius Raymond

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